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October 16, 2008

"Those left standing will make millions
Writing books on ways it should have been"
-Incubus "Warning"

Things here have been interesting as of late. I've signed with Aflac Insurance to sell insurance for them, effective as soon as I take (and pass) the Tennessee health and life insurance exams. My father has predicted that it will be the challenge of my life, which he's probably right about. But I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities, and we'll see how it plays out.

On Tuesday I was at the gym, doing my typical 30 minutes of cardio on one of the Precor machines they have there. The timing worked out to where I had Wheel of Fortune and the syndicated version of Deal or No Deal on the two TVs in front of my machine. This is not typical of my normal gym routine, but with ESPN running E:60 (an in-depth one-hour show doing feature stories) and the Rays/Red Sox game not on yet, I opted to go with dueling game shows.

For this season of Wheel, the producers added a $1 million wedge to the wheel. But it's actually very, *very* difficult to win the million. To do so, a person must hit the one space on the wheel with the million dollar spot (the million is in one spot protected on either side of the wedge by a bankrupt), not hit bankrupt for the rest of the show, win the game and make it to the bonus round, solve the bonus round puzzle, *and* have the million dollar envelope be the one hit on a wheel that is spun prior to the bonus round puzzle where you have something like a 1-in-20 chance of the million dollar envelope showing up. In other words, it's highly unlikely.

So, what happened on Tuesday's show? A woman did the improbable and won the million. I actually extended my workout for an extra three minutes to stick around and see if she might win, though I didn't expect it to happen... and what do you know, she solved the bonus round puzzle and the million dollar envelope was the one that her bonus round wheel had stopped on. Amazing stuff there.

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