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Hasselhoff Tattoo

October 4, 2004

I tried the Quizno's Smokehose Steak Sub french dip (or whatever it is that they advertise on TV) today, and it was good. Unfortunately the lady working at the end of the toasting line didn't quite get down the basics of how to properly apply the top to a cup of au jus on a to go order, but such is life. It tasted good.

For laughs, check out The intro movie on the site is so bad that it's good. I hate flash movies as a general rule (typically they're a useless waste of bandwidth), but in this case... well just check it out and you'll see what I mean.

David Hasselhoff tattoo
Yep, it's permanent.

What's worse... having a tattoo of David Hasselhoff on your arm, or having a tattoo of David Hasselhoff on your arm that looks NOTHING LIKE HIM?!? Check it out. If the nameplate read "Man With Melting Face", I think I'd actually find that more believable. Yet another reason not to get a tattoo... those damn things are permanent. Now's the time to make a joke about having the stars of the A-Team tattooed on my ass, but someone might not understand that I'm joking. Let's move on.

Is it just me, or does the kid in this picture from The Sims 2 look like he has a moustache? People online seem to think it's his mouth (with him just having a large lower lip), and it may be, but I like to think that it's some fluke in the game that makes him look like Sean Penn in Hurlyburly.

I've made my baseball predictions: Cardinals over Dodgers, Braves over Astros, Yankees over Twins, Angels over Red Sox. NLCS: Cardinals over Braves, ALCS: Yankees over Angels. World Series: Yankees win 4-2 (capturing the deciding Game 6 at home). We'll see if it plays out that way or not. The Yankees don't have the pitching of years past, so they'll have to slug their way to the championship if it's to be done...

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