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October 1, 2004

If you're not registered to vote in next month's election, your time to do so is almost up. In most states (including Florida), you have until the end of the business day on Monday to sign up to vote. This is very important -- you really need to do it.

With the Bubba For Sheriff race, it's getting rather interesting. We've been preaching to all who will listen about the need to get rid of the "Good Old Boy Network" that is entrenched at the top of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department. Think we're just blowing smoke? Then read this article from the Clearwater Gazette that outlines just one abuse of power by Bubba's opponent -- performed less than two months ago. Bubba has been hearing about these sorts of stories for years, and he's tired of the system being the way it is. That's why he's putting his money and his time and his efforts into changing things. And that's why next month, if the fine people of Pinellas County give us their support at the polls, Bubba will become the new Sheriff there and make some major changes for the better.

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