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Blurry Sunday

October 26, 2003

"And now they're back to callin' you 200 times a day
I want all ya'll to know, good or bad, I'll remember it..."
-Bubba Sparxx "Deliverance"

Matt Pickney & John Pouncey
Matt Pickney and John Pouncey prepared for a night out in Tampa on Friday.
What a weekend. Wow. I have enough material to fill a month's worth of columns on here... and the pics to match. You think the stories from Friday were interesting? Just wait till Saturday's get thrown into the mix...

A few very brief thoughts:

-Damn the Florida Marlins and all their fans (and anti-Yankees types) out last night.

-The UT/Alabama 5 OT game was the second-most exciting college football game I've seen this season, behind only Florida at Miami in September.

-My "Human Keg" outfit ruled.

-A word of advice: don't drink out of the toilet, or pee in the refrigerator. Especially my refrigerator.

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