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Thrill Of The Chase

October 23, 2003

First off, bad news from the dentist... I'm going to have to have a double root canal. One on each upper back top tooth. Dr. Easler was so nonchalant about it all. I hear that technology has made the process much less painful than it once was, but it still has the stigma of hurting like hell. He said that it's coincidence though the way that it lined up symmetrically, and that the pain "wasn't just in my head." I suppose that's reassuring to know.

A big sports stunner from last night, as WVU scored a lopsided upset over Virginia Tech, beating the Hokies 28-7. That shocked me; I thought that V-Tech had what it took to win the national title. Things line up nice and tidy for the evil force that is the BCS if it ends up being a battle of the unbeatens with Miami vs. Oklahoma, but the Hurricanes still have a long road ahead, including VT (though if last night is any indication, perhaps Virginia Tech is more of a paper tiger than I realized). OU has looked dominant, but the road is long, plus they have to hit Kansas City in December for the Big XII Championship Game. And you never know what can happen in those damn things.

Morgantown, WV bonfire
WVU fans celebrated a victory over Virginia Tech by setting fires.

One thing I don't get is the whole trend of setting fires and causing mayhem after your team wins a big game. I'm all about celebrating and throwing down plenty of coldbeer and/or liquor etc., but burning a mattress in a city street?!? Of course, maybe some of those WVU fans are angry about being hit with pepper spray by the overzealous security folks after the game (where the pepper spray reportedly went up into the stands and got in the eyes of innocent fans). My friend Shauna Johnson e-mailed me this morning with her take on it: "I was out all night. I'm now at work. I was in Sunnyside, in the middle of it all. I didn't get directly pepper sprayed but my skin is burning this morning." Ouch.

Also, what's the deal with a college football game on a Wednesday night? This is spreading out more and more... Before you know it, there will be a college football game every night but Sunday. Hmm, though now that I think about it, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

I couldn't stay up to watch it, but the damn Marlins held on to beat the Yankees in extra innings last night, 4-3. It's down to a best-of-three series now...

The "new season" of the Stephanie Tanner Project is underway by our friends over at It's Version 1.5, An International Affair. Click here to find out what I'm talking about... It's pretty damn funny, I must say.

For those of you in the Tampa area, has a good Guavaween page with a list of the bands playing and what not. I'm probably most looking forward to Bubba Sparxx on the WFLZ stage, though as I remember from years past, making it from spot to spot can be problematic at best. It's hard to say where we'll be, and when, though I would enjoy seeing Static X over on the 98 Rock stage. And seeing Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan's 15-year-old daughter, who's working with Lou Pearlman in preps for a major run in the pop music biz in 2004) perform would be cool and all, though her set falls pretty early in the evening.

James will have to miss Guavaween on Saturday, but he will be able to come out on Friday for the festivities that night. I've been told to have the Jägermeister chilled and ready to go. Sadly, Slick won't be in town till the following morning, but a quartet of me, Matt, James and Pouncey will be something to behold...

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