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October 11, 2003

This is a fantastic day for sports fans, with so many good games on the docket. As I type this, the Yankees lead the Red Sox in Game 3 of their ALCS matchup. I have some choice things to say about Pedro Martinez, but I'll reserve those comments for another column. But I do wonder, how did Pedro not get tossed for throwing 72-year-old Don Zimmer to the ground?!? Unreal.

Jonathan Vilma & Sean Taylor
Jonathan Vilma (left) and Sean Taylor (right) are both projected as first round NFL picks.

Meanwhile, Miami surprised the hell out of me by going up to Tallahassee and beating the Florida State Seminoles 22-14. With Frank Gore hurt, I thought that FSU would be able to shut down the Miami passing attack. No dice on that. The field conditions were really bad, with standing water and mud making up the bulk of the playing surface. Miami safety Sean Taylor impressed me big-time. He had lightning speed and controlled it well despite the slippery conditions. Right now I have Taylor slated as going #13 in my Draft King 2004 NFL Mock Draft. But this might be another situation like Cowboys safety Roy Williams where Taylor will go in the Top 5. Perhaps Top 5 is a stretch, but I'm telling you, Taylor will be a great pro someday...

My apartment is a bit of a mess right now, with computer parts laying here and there. Trying to transfer files from my old computer over to the new hard drive has been an exercise in futility up to this point. I want to sell my old Packard Bell to some USF student -- get a few bucks and get the thing out of my apartment. The more storage room that's available, the better.

I found a good deal on the Canon Powershot A70, and I've ordered one. So hopefully that new camera will lead to me having some nice digital pictures to share with you here on Especially with Guavaween waiting around the corner, there should be some prime photo-taking opportunities coming up here in the next few weeks...

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