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Done Deal

November 8, 2006

I have that "Done deal, pal!" soundbyte from the Howard Stern show stuck in my head at the moment, as I just finished listening to the replay of today's show on the drive up I-65 tonight to Nashville. Moments ago I arrived at my brother's house; he is asleep on the couch, with the teaser screen for The Wire (Season 1) on DVD on a loop. Despite the possibility for it to be very annoying, it's not. After awhile I'm sure it would drive me crazy, though. Not every movie teaser screen can have the quality music of Babewatch 3, I suppose.

One interesting thing from Stern is from yesterday, where Gary Dell'Abate pronounced "machine" as "mak-HYNE" in a trick question given by a listener (setup by having him pronounce MacDonalds and MacDouglas based on the spelling.) They began ribbing him about it based on his IQ score from when he was young, but I have a 135 IQ and it stumped me, too. But it's funny when it's not you, and the whole "Baba Booey is now Makhine" thing made me laugh long and loud.

And while I'm on the topic, here's a big thumbs down to Heidi Cortez for dissing Bubba the Love Sponge on Stern's show yesterday. I hope her new book sells horribly as payback for the bad karma she stirred up.

The election fallout continues today. It will be curious to see if the Democrats realize that their win was mostly based on dissent over the awful situation with Iraq, or if they will push their social (control) issues and big government type plans. I anticipate gridlock in the next two years in DC, which really is the way I like it when it comes to keeping out of control spending in check.

Bill Simmons has a new NBA column out which is, in his usual style, hilarious. However, he seemed to take shots at some guys on the Spurs unnecessarily, as if out of some unknown requirement. You know he's a good writer when he can proclaim hate for the Yankees *and* the Colts, not like the Spurs, and openly cheer for the Red Sox and the Patriots... yet I still enjoy reading his work. If you like sports and don't read him, you're missing out.

I've been tortured by migraine headaches for the past few weeks. It got so bad that I had to take multiple Imitrex in a single 24 hour period over the weekend, which is almost unprecedented. My hope is that they're starting to subside, though if that's not the case, I'm going to have to go back to the doctor and get some stronger pills, be it for muscle relaxers or pain relief (or both.) You are only allotted nine Imitrex per month, and luckily I've hoarded mine in case of a situation like the one I'm currently facing. But my supply only runs so deep.

Last night I woke up at 2:30 with a lightning bolt of pain going through the left half of my head. That familiar strike is easily the worst pain I've ever experienced, made worse because of it hitting over and over again. If it wasn't for Imitrex, I really don't know what I would do. It's not a "suck it up and tough it out" thing; the way it hits your head is completely debilitating. Not fun times, to be sure.

Thumbs up to the Shell station on Exit 351 on I-65 in Alabama. That's a spot where I like to stop on my drive to/from Nashville/Birmingham, and they have these really good V8 drinks in stock. One that I like especially is the spicy tomato juice drink. It's like a virgin bloody mary, which (if it didn't give me heartburn) would be the perfect snack drink. Not to turn this into an ailment blog, but that drink is the only thing that has ever given me heartburn. Bloody Marys are wonderful, but I have to drink them in moderation, lest I have to reach for a Tums.

Interestingly, all kinds of travel ideas have been proposed to me recently. They want me in Los Angeles and Key West and Huntington and Tampa and New Orleans and Las Vegas. But there's only so much time and only so many vacation days on the docket... thus some decisions must be made. I've never been to Los Angeles, and that trip has to happen. Key West is tempting, but it might be too close time-wise to coordinate. As for the rest... it's possible, but we'll see. For now, my next destination is: bed. Hopefully I won't be sleeping with a migraine tonight.

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