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Election Coverage

November 7, 2006

CNN has provided excellent coverage tonight of the U.S. electorial results. I've enjoyed watching it; having been on the other end of things, I know that it is chaotic and difficult behind the scenes, but election coverage (to me) is second only to severe breaking news (i.e. a hurricane) as far as compelling news broadcasting. I'm still a news junkie at heart, I suppose.

One complaint about CNN's coverage is how it put the two Independent members of the Senate into the Democrat category. While Vermont Independent Jim Jeffords plans to retire soon, it was Joe Lieberman who actually lost the Democratic primary only by re-running as an Independent and beating Democrat Ned Lamont in a shady maneuver. Politics is a dirty game.

The highlight for CNN? James Carville. I don't usually agree with him, but wow is he entertaining.

In 1994, the Republican Party gained control of the House based on a plan that, by and large, decreased the size of government and its interference in the lives of Americans. But as always seems to be the case, DC is the epicenter of sleaze. Here, 12 years later, with government spending gone wild and extreme (or radical or whatever adjective you prefer) Evangelical Christian Leaders/snake oil salesmen having weekly summits with the President, the issues of 1994 were forgotten.

In reality, the elections swung on the Iraq issue. "Stay the course" is going to be a phrase that will live in infamy. I regret having supported the war in Iraq initially, but like the rest of the country, I was mislead about the alleged WMDs that never showed up there. People don't like being lied to, myself included.

In a vote on a lighter note, there's a movement out there that I've discovered which is calling for Denver Broncos QB Jake Plummer to bring back his cheesy mustache. You can sign the petition if you'd like. I like comparing Plummer with Peyton Manning, who sported a fake mustache in a commercial for Sprint. Note that Plummer (left) was actually serious about his.

Mustache vs. mustache

Hopefully NFL pundits will shut the hell up about the whole "Who is the better QB?" debate between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady following the Colts' convincing win on Sunday night. Brady is a class act, a great talent and a future Hall of Famer. But Manning is something special, someone who makes his whole team look better with ease, particularly this year, even without the luxury of Edgerrin James at RB. Hopefully the Colts will win it all this season so the naysayers will pipe down once and for all.

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