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Myrtle Beach

November 2, 2006

I'm on a quick break from the business conference I'm attending in Myrtle Beach, SC... and I thought I'd write a fast update.

Bruce (my boss) and I are staying at a Marriott resort hotel right on the beach, where the Land Development conference is also taking place. This works out great, since we're at a wonderful place and I've been able to see the ocean for the first time since I moved from Tampa. Gotta like that. Also nice is the fact that I have my own room, which is a far cry from many travel situations I've dealt with, even involving business (i.e. Jimmy Jamz snoring in NYC in January.)

It's interesting to hear the questions that developers have to ask regarding various things with the business. I've learned a great deal about what their needs are from what they've asked. Plus, I learned about putting together a booth stand, which is a bit more complicated than I initially realized.

This isn't playtime; we have events going through tonight and then in the morning through early afternoon. It appears that the 3:30 PM conference meeting that I thought was taking place tomorrow has been cancelled, which will allow us to leave about four hours earlier than originally planned. A long day still awaits, but it means making it to Nashville by 10 PM versus 2 AM.

There's no more time to write -- there are only three computers here and they ask that you limit usage to 20 minutes/session. Time to head back to the conference area...

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