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November 19, 2006

"Think of every town you've lived in
Every room you lay your head
And what is it that you remember"
-Hem "Half Acre"

The Ohio State/Michigan game yesterday lived up to the hype. Despite the field being unusually slippery, the game was played at a (mostly) high level, with some big-time plays and two high-octane offenses keeping things exciting to the very end. It was the most exciting college football game I've seen this year.

This is old, but I found it today by change via the StumbleUpon add-on in Firefox 2.0. It's a great parody of those scare-tactic "in case of a terror attack" information websites that the government pushed post-9/11.

StumbleUpon is really fun to use if you're looking for random webpages that are targeted toward your interests. I've found all sorts of great parodies and photo-blogs in my short amount of time using it.

TNA's Genesis PPV is tonight, with the first-ever Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match. I would order the PPV if I had capabilities for it here at my apartment, but with my jacked-up cable situation, I can't even get ESPN in my front room, let alone order something on PPV. I may see if Pouncey or Patrick would let me watch it at their place, or alternately I might go watch it at Hooters (if Hooters has it on tonight.) We'll see.

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