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Columbus Showdown

November 18, 2006

Thoughts as the countdown closes in on the Ohio State/Michigan game...

If it wasn't strange enough that Yale was playing Harvard on WGN (of all channels), with Charley Steiner doing play-by-play, I happened to flip to it while two streakers were on the field. They showed awkward crowd shots while that was dealt with, which allowed me to scan the crowd for C. Montgomery Burns. No site of him; I suppose he had box seats. Steiner making allusions to the small genitalia of the streakers (implying that the cold weather didn't affect them much, since nothing from nothing is nothing) was high comedy.

I've begun to make my Christmas list, and I'm pleased to have found that most of the movies that I want to own... I already own. Besides the high comedy of receiving Moscow Heat from my Aunt Nancy last year (I had the Pacino/De Niro classic Heat on my list), I have a great collection (if I do say so myself) that provides excellent entertainment on-demand. I'm picky as hell about the movies I buy, but the result is a variety of mostly critically-acclaimed films from many genres and eras. Someday I'll put a list up on the site of all the movies I own. There are some random films which I have a personal affinity for (i.e. The Ladies Man) that might not be on the IMDB Top 250 List but, nonetheless, have a specific appeal to me.

Moose Brentburger
EA parodied Brent Musburger with Moose Brentburger.

Instead of bitching about my migraines on here, I've started a specific blog for it here. Maybe someone else who has suffered through similar problems will find some ideas from my search for relief, and it will help me to keep a "migraine diary" as is suggested.

My friend Brook Gardiner e-mailed me early this morning saying that he had acquired tickets for it and was going to the game last-minute style; he asked for directions to someone's house who apparently had his ticket. Hope he managed to find his way to the ticket holder -- and the game.

Brent Musburger (aka Moose Brentberger) just belted out "You're looking LIVE at Ohio State's stadium" to the audience. That means it's time for the most anticipated game of the year (beyond even Ohio State/Texas at the start of the season), and time for me to flip between it and the Auburn/Alabama game, since so many people around here care about that one and will likely be talking about it as much as the de facto Big Ten title game.

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