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Seeking Sanity

November 13, 2006

With three weeks of migraines torturing me, I went to the doctor today to try and find some relief. The doc hooked me up with some new medicines; if it can make the pain go away, I'll be happy.

A must-buy for me is an ice scraper for my car. Life in Tampa spoiled me to the realities of waking up to a frost-covered car. I've dealt with cold weather before, and I know, waaah waaah it's cold in Alabama. Yes, I'll deal with it and try to keep bitching about it to a minimum.

Tonight I rented two movies from Blockbuster: American Dreamz and Black Hawk Down. Both are supposed to be great (albeit different) movies. I've been slacking on my video rentals as of late; having a "Gangster Film" box set of films has curtailed it for me.

Between the doctor's office and the wait at CVS, my evening is almost gone. Time to watch a movie and drift away to sleep.

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