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Big Time

November 4, 2005

"All that beef shit is done, we had our fun... Let's get this money."

"We're separated by our myths."
-Hugh Hefner

I can't wait until I can talk more on here about all of the exciting things that we have in store for everyone with the Bubba The Love Sponge show. I work for Bubba as a Producer, and we have so many fun, great things in store for our listeners. It's been a marathon, this long hiatus thrust upon us by the runaway Federal Communications Commission. Lookout FCC, FOX-TV is going to get you with the Married By America NAL that is being challenged in court; absolute power corrupts absolutely, but like any corrupt ruling power, an overthrow will happen. FCC, your unconstitutional abuse of power is going to come to an end. Mark my words.

But from the depths of government oppression, short-sighted market managers and those who would hold us back, we will be reborn on Sirius Satellite Radio in a new form, free of the shackles that made doing a show at times feel like playing Taboo (you know, talking about a topic, but having a list of words you couldn't say without getting buzzed.)

The coming together of Bubba and Howard Stern has apparently spread to other realms: longtime feuding rappers Jay-Z and Nas settled their differences and came together, as this FMQB article explains. What's next, the Jews and Muslims making peace?

Oh, wait, maybe not. If you've been following the news out of Paris, Muslim youths there have been rioting for the past week. I've said it before, and I'll said it again: every outbreak of protracted violence/war, outside of Northern Ireland, is related to Islam. Religion of peace, my ass. And this is coming from me, someone who has voted 4-5 times a week every week for Kaysar (a Muslim) on the MSN "It List". I am aware of the many different sects involved there, just like the nutcase extremist Christians that twist that religion's teachings and exploit it for their own causes (and in some cases, even get invited to the White House to influence the President, but that's another story for another time.) Granted, the Paris situation is different, since there are racial discrimination undertones to it all, but there are certain hallmarks that still run parallel.

This weekend should be fun, as my friends Adam and Amanda are driving over from Orlando to go to the Bucs/Panthers game (I sold them my tickets to that one.) Next month I'm making the drive over to Orlando to go to a party that they're having, barring an 11th hour switch-up if things with work accelerate.

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