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Decency Insanity

November 29, 2005

I listened to almost all of the comments made today in the Open Forum held by Senator Ted Stevens at the Dirksen Senate Office Building... and it was insane. Besides actor Joe Pantoliano (who was both articulate and intelligent) and Jack Valenti (of the MPAA), it was mostly a collection of comments from people who don't appear to be living in the real world.

Honorable mention for the most insane comment goes to Lisa Fager taking umbrage to the Lil' Jon song "Get Low" (and the work "skeet") -- I'm going to hunt down the audio of exactly what she said and potentially use it out of context with the BTLS show. But the winning quote came from Roberta Combs of the Christian Coalition of America. "Indecency is a crime," she said. Additionally, I could fill the entire column with winners from Brent Bozell of the Parents Television Council... that's the same Brent Bozell and PTC who settled with the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) to the tune of $3.5 million from a defamation lawsuit (which also required the PTC to issue this apology.) It was a day of madness.

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