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November 5, 2004

How's this for a scary situation... Two subway cars collided earlier this week at the subway stop that my friend Brook takes every day on his way to work in Washington, DC:

My friend Stacey, who moved to Atlanta a couple of months ago, e-mailed me yesterday saying how cold it was starting to get up there. Heh, I love this time of year. While the rest of the country starts to deal with snow and ice and what not, we get nice mild temps here in Tampa. If it gets into the 40s, people start to panic. It's high comedy for non-lifers like me. The only downside is that they don't have snow here at Christmas, but I spend Christmas back home in Nashville, so that doesn't matter.

Speaking of Nashville, I should be back there for Thanksgiving, which will be nice. I've managed to accrue a large amount of vacation time this year, so I might go back to Nashville a day or two before Thanksgiving. We'll see how the scheduling goes...

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