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November 30, 2004

It's very interesting to see how people find this page (and sub-pages on this site), usually via websearches on the major search engines. There's a reason why search engine optimization is such a big business.

Anyway, three that happened today made me laugh:

1. giggity (I rank in the Top 5 on Google for that trademark phrase of Quagmire from Family Guy with this commentary)

2. Matt Pickney the dale (They had to hunt to page five on Google to find that rather obscure phrase)

3. alyssa milano leather eva savealot (my personal favorite, which actually links to this lengthy June 2002 commentary)

The holiday season is here, which means things will probably be slowing down a bit on the whole "Bubba going to satellite" end of things. But that's okay, we've waited this long to make a deal... we'll wait longer if need be.

In playing a little bit of The Sims 2, it's amazing to me how much faster the game runs on my computer than it does on my parents' computer in Nashville. It made me appreciate being able to scroll across the screen and have the game scroll with me without a 10-15 second delay...

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