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Marathon: The Bar

November 26, 2004

It's been great to be back in Nashville. I arrived early yesterday, and so far it's been a wonderful time back here in my old hometown.

Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday was delicious. My Mom did an amazing job putting together a wonderful meal. When you cook for yourself most of the time like I do, you really appreciate things like an amazing Thanksgiving feast.

As I type this, my brother Matt is playing Dustin Gremmels (who is a good friend of Matt's, and who I know well from a number of visits to Starkville) in a game of NCAA Football 2005. They spent an insane amount of time putting in real names for players for the "Best Of" teams, and right now it's Dustin as All-Time Miami at All-Time Tennessee (played by Matt).

Last night I made perhaps the biggest comeback in my video game history, rallying from 27 down to beat Dustin in NBA Live 2005 with the Pacers over the Pistons by 13. I had no business even making it a remotely close game, but I hit an insane (and I mean insane) number of 3s with Reggie Miller and... Ron Artest. We had played before with the "sliders" that I found listed online that provides for a more realistic gameplay, but Dustin (who never lost a game at NBA Live 2004) wanted to play with the setting like they came from the factory (after I won the slider game handily). That lead to the Big Comeback Game. Okay, I'll stop gloating now.

For her 16th birthday, I bought my sister Mary Beth a game called Katamari Damacy, a Japanese port made by Namco that is very entertaining but defies explanation. You roll a ball around and pick up things; as the ball becomes bigger, you can pick up larger objects. Sounds silly I know, but it's really fun. Mary Beth seems to really like it, and I think it's a fun game, too. I have to thank Adam on the message board on for recommending it.

There was a great deal of high comedy last night at a local bar called Marathon. It's located over at Nipper's Corner, which is very close to where my parents live here in Nashville. It's a sports bar located in a strip mall type layout. But with yesterday being Thanksgiving night, it was the only place nearby that we found that was open.

The five of us who made it over there were: me, Matt, Dustin, Matt's friend from back in the day Joe, and Richard Karg (aka Slick). The place was packed, and it took awhile to finally find a table. Seating in the place isn't exactly maximized considering that seemingly half of the front of the room is reserved for darts.

Here are some highlights:

-In an America's Funniest Home Videos type moment, we narrowed it down to three people for biggest drunk of the night. It's really too bad I didn't bring my camera for this trip, as having pictures would enhance this greatly.

1. The Denver Broncos jacket guy, who was incoherently drunk and at one point staring at some so-so girl's ass like he was looking at the Holy Grail. He disappeared and we thought he'd left (hoping he had no access to any sort of motor vehicle), but then when we were leaving we spotted him in this yellow Volkswagon Bus looking vehicle. We then heckled him with some loud honks on our way out.

2. A drunken old guy at the bar was babbling incoherently. The guys were calling him "our boy Blue", so he became Blue. Somehow it came up that you needed to have a decoder ring to understand what he was saying, since the words coming out of his mouth were total gibberish.

3. Coaster guy, who passed out at the bar and had one of his buddies (?) balance a coaster on top of his head without him noticing.

My vote went to guy #1, since he was so drunk that he seemed borderline insane. If he had run in and attack the guys in the Titans jerseys who were heckling him earlier (yes, he got heckled for wearing Broncos gear).

-Being Marathon, the collection of women was a bit sketchy. When a group of guys at a table are making nicknames for girls like "gappy" and "pit stains", it's not exactly a bumper crop.

-One girl who I did think was cute ended up buying us a pitcher of beer. Somehow the question came up of how old she was. I knew she was older than me (keep in mind that I worked on the "Guess Your Age, Weight or Month of Birth" game at Opryland in 1994, so I have experience at this). Here's a tip for you fellas (and as the oldest guy in our group last night, I shared this wisdom with the others): when a girl breaks this out, she's fishing for a compliment (i.e. GUESS LOW), and typically she's on the edge of 30 or higher. We came up with our picks amongst ourselves (I told the crew that she was definitely older than me), and then as if on cue she came over and we gave our fake low picks. I told her I thought she was 24. And I kept a straight face doing it. She eagerly pulled out her ID to show us that she was turning 30 next month.

-There was high comedy in Gappy (who it turns out knew Joe) buying him the Jägerbomb that he wanted.. courtesy of Pit Stains. The more Joe drank, the more it seemed like a possible good idea to go over and talk with Pit Stains. I encouraged him to go over there (for comedy's sake), but that didn't happen. But I could see the gears in motion in his head as he contemplated it.

I love Tampa, but it's most definitely nice to get back to Nashville... even if it's below 40 degrees here. Time to finish this up and then go hit K-Mart (and deal with the insane crowds) to buy a Mach 3 and shaving cream that I left behind in Florida (gotta shorn up my head before going out tonight).

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