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Reverse DNS

November 24, 2004

Trips out of town tend to sneak up on me. And much along the same lines, the Thanksgiving trip to Nashville is creeping while I'm sleeping. Tomorrow morning I have to be at the airport by no later than 7 AM to catch an 8:05 flight to Ca$hville. Speaking of Nappy Roots' take on my hometown's name, it would be hilarious to see Nashville written as "Ca$hville" up on the airport terminal sign, by "accident" of course, just once.

Trying to fuel my infinite curiosity, I was looking at my most recent visitors to the site and came across someone who searched for "Lou Pickney Tampa". Well of course that piqued my interest and my ego, so I did a reverse DNS lookup (which sounds like a Japanese pro wrestling move) and found that the search came from this server:

Now who do I know who's a school teacher (or student) in Mishawaka? And moreover, why would they be looking me up online? I wasn't exactly sure where Mishawaka was; remember, I went to the University of Evansville for college, which is in the southwest corner of the state. It turns out that Mishawaka is up next to South Bend. Hmm.

Last night I watched my DVR recording of The 25 Million Dollar Hoax. It's a good thing that show was a three-episode-and-done series, as any more than that and I would've tuned out. But I've gone from loathing the expansion of reality TV to feeding into the system, though this one had a particularly mean spirited element to it since the premise involved a girl not only conning her family but also taking on a bitchy persona in the process.

Two great games that really deserve time in your PS2 are NBA Live 2005 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. One is sports, the other is... well, a GTA game. But they're both very fun in their own way.

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