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Meddler Resignation

November 20, 2004

"Maybe he remembers the way you treated him"
-Gorilla Monsoon

Morning show workers at WTSP, rejoice. The Executive Meddler is leaving.

From what I've been told, after the overwhelming vote of no-confidence given to Lane (WTSP's news director), he finally took off the blinders when it came to the Meddler, passing her up for the Special Project EP position (as chronicled here). It's really too bad he didn't listen to me two years ago. Maybe then the morning show wouldn't have fallen from 3rd to 5th place (from what I've been told; I'm not privy to Neilsen ratings anymore).

Anyway, word from the newsroom is that the Meddler claims that she's staying in the Tampa Bay area. Now keep in mind that two of the people that she tormented while at WTSP work for two other stations in the market. TV news is too small of a business to do the things she's done and for word to not get around.

And if you're wondering why I'm writing all of this... I suffered for 13 months under the hellish rule of this woman (trapped under a contract that prevented me from leaving). And one thing that helped me to survive that awful stretch of time was knowing that when it was all said and done, I'd be able to write about it on here as much as I wanted to. For as long as I wanted to.

The sad thing is that the Meddler will probably con her way into another job here in this market. This, the same woman who couldn't be bothered to learn how to produce a newscast while at WTSP. Yeah Meddler, I heard about your problems during the Hurricane coverage, how Eve had to take over for your two hour shift because you froze up and couldn't handle it. Of course, you were "over hurricanes", so that didn't matter, did it? Similar to the Friday when I was at Mike Miller's wedding in St. Louis in June 2002 and you had to produce the 6 AM hour (right after Brian Kargus had been run out of there after six months of torture) and it was a disaster -- so bad that John Harding called it the worst news experience that he had ever been part of as a professional. But I'm sure that won't come up in any job interviews.

I have a major column brewing: my disgust with the current state of the Republican Party's fiscal irresponsibility, and my absolute rage felt toward Kansas Senator Sam Brownback (who has been mentioned on here before). It might take me a few days to pound that one out, as there is so much material to go through. But I don't see how any rational person who cares about their individual freedom wouldn't be drawn toward the Libertarian Party in this current mangle of defecit spending and government-knows-best insanity...

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