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Karma and the Meddler

November 16, 2004

What goes around comes around. And for the Executive Meddler, she found this out the hard way recently at WTSP Channel 10.

I know that many people from the station read my website on a regular (or semi-regular) basis, despite the fact that I've been gone from WTSP since February 2003. How do I know? The hits from are generally in my Top 30 (sometimes in the Top 5.)

As I've written before, the 13 months I suffered under the Executive Meddler were torturous. And I wasn't alone. I chronicled, through this page and through conversations with others, how people like myself and Brian Kargus (now a producer at Bay News 9) and Neal Boling (now a producer at NewsChannel 8) suffered under the ill-treatment of the Meddler during my tenure at WTSP. Brian got it the worst. After I found liberation from the station, I heard how Jamie Anderson (who they brought in after my tenure ended) was given similar horrid treatment (he's now teaching up in Maine.)

So you could only imagine the happiness that I found in receiving an e-mail with this information in it yesterday. Some of this is paraphrased; I wouldn't want anyone trying to play sleuth attempting to figure out who gave me this info:

Melissa Liberman has been chosen as EP of Special Projects, ousting the other in-house candidate, the Exective Meddler.

Word is that the Meddler was doing everything in her power for this gig, and that she initially was the front-runner to replace Rich Murphy, who is leaving for a job at Washington DC's Fox affiliate.

The EM lost her front-runner position when a parade of reporters, producers, and videographers went into news director Lane Michaelsen's office essentially saying, "Lane, please God, please please anyone but her (the Meddler)."

This is a definite win/win for the station. I've been critical of Lane on here before, but give the devil his due, he made the right choice here. Melissa is a good worker, a smart person, and even better she's someone who is intelligent and likeable. She will make an excellent Special Projects EP. So this is great for all involved -- except for the Executive Meddler, of course. Karma is a bitch, eh?

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