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Playing Catch Up

November 9, 2003

With the insane pace of the past week, today was a chance to play catch up on a few things (paying bills, balancing the checkbook, etc.) This morning I met up with Bubba The Love Sponge and Tom Bean over at Bubba's house and talked business. That went well; from there we watched some of the early NFL games with Bubba's kick-ass setup: four smaller TVs hooked up with DirecTV and then a huge plasma TV with the primary game that we were watching (which, on this day, was Tampa Bay vs. Carolina). He's got a really nice layout there.

One funny thing is how well I did in my various NFL pick 'ems this week, despite hardly having a moment to give them any thought. Taking Carolina over Tampa Bay and Washington over Seattle might've seemed foolish to some, but the moves paid off for me.

You know it's a good weekend when Tennessee beats Miami not once but twice. Vols 10, Hurricanes 6 on Saturday; Titans 31, Dolphins 7 on Sunday. Now that's reason to celebrate. And speaking of the Titans, I notice that Steve McNair is getting more and more run as a potential MVP candidate. I say he's the odds-on favorite at this point. No one means more to his team than McNair does to the Titans. No one.

Oklahoma Sooners QB Jason White
Jason White tore his ACL in 2002, but in 2003 he may win the Heisman Trophy.

When was the last time that one college football team in America looked so much more dominant than the rest? The Oklahoma Sooners are a sight to behold. Just so much talent as so many positions. With a nod to phenomenal Pittsburgh WR Larry Fitzgerald, I don't see how Oklahoma QB Jason White won't win the Heisman if the Sooners run the table from now until the Heisman voting is complete. The fact that Alabama played them so close early in the year is, in hindsight, amazing. OU's remaining schedule is nothing special; the Big XII Title game is in Kansas City, where OU will face either Kansas State or Nebraska (and why was there no OU/Nebraska regular season game this year?!?) The traditionalist in me would like to see Oklahoma vs. Nebraska, but regardless I'm not sure that it matters. In the Sugar Bowl (the site of this year's title game), I could see USC giving the Sooners a fight, but in the end it will be awfully tough for Matt Leinart and company to stop the OU express. Just so long as it's not Ohio State in there, I'll be happy.

After a bit of a delay, it appears that I'm going to soon be getting the Canon A70 digital camera that I've been wanting for a long, long time. So good times on that. Can't wait to put that to good use with this website...

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