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November 8, 2003

This has been quite possibly the busiest week of my life. With the launch of, I have been absolutely swamped with work, filling orders (especially for Morning Domination and the Ned "YESSSSS!" t-shirt that I designed) and shipping packages and scarcely having a moment to think. It's been exciting and challenging and exhausting, all at the same time.

Morning Domination
Morning Domination has been a big seller.

In a hilarious moment on Friday morning, Bubba put me over on the radio for coming up with the concept for the Ned shirt. This got Ned riled up. "That's my shirt," he said. "Let's put a picture of Lou on a shirt and see how well it sells." I laughed my ass off on that one -- classic Ned there.

The whole business is a thrilling thing to be a part of, to be sure. Something so successful, so fast. One of my co-workers at DigiQuest pointed out that it was like that old UPS commercial where a company went online and received a few orders. The owners were happy. Then they received close to 100, and they were thrilled. Then the orders started rolling in like mad, and they looked at each other with that "how in the world will we fill all of these?" looks on their faces. That was me this week.

I've learned some things so far... The USPS with Priority Mail is good if you're shipping 5 packages a day. If you're shipping 70, it's not so good. So now we have to decide between UPS and FedEx, and how we're going to handle some of the logistics of it (me running around like mad can work for only so long -- what happens if I get sick or go on vacation?) Plus we want to expand and grow business by developing new products, not try to slow things down so one man can handle it all. But bottom line, things are off to a great start, and I'm happy about it.

After I left work this afternoon (yes I missed UT's win over Miami for work), I talked with Tonya (from the infamous Guavaween 2003 weekend) today in a brief and rather hostile conversation. So much for her "owing me one". She was mad about me putting pics of her on here and for telling what I told about Guavaween weekend. What's ridiculous is that I held back on the really rough stuff, but she cut a promo on me for what I did write, saying she thought I was a nice guy and that she thought it made her look like she had screwed a bunch of guys that night. No, that didn't happen. Nor did I say anything of the sort. I'm not gonna get into it all -- I decided before what was and wasn't appropriate for this page -- but suffice to say that what was published here was MILD compared with the full story. And remember that Bubba The Love Sponge is just a phone call away for me. Capeche?

It's hard to say what tonight will bring. I've been so focused on work that I've scarcely had time to think of other things. Tomorrow I have a morning meeting with Bubba and Beaner, so I don't forsee getting all crunked up tonight. Some clear thinking will be needed...

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