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November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Let the holiday season begin! I'm not one for Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but after that it's game on. Yule tide greetings and what not.

I ended up deciding against the Green Iguana last night. For the first time I'd seen outside of Gasparilla/Guavaween/New Year's Eve, the Iguana was charging a cover. On a Wednesday night, no less! I hope that was a one time abberation, taking advantage of the holiday business (the place was packed), but it was enough to make me decide to head back. With the early flight this morning (8:55 AM), it may've been for the best, anyway.

Cowboys vs. Dolphins will be interesting today. Can Parcells keep Dallas in at least a share of the NFC East lead? We shall see.

The arrival from Tampa today was a bit interesting, as the flaps on the Southwest Boing 737 didn't open properly. The pilot circled back around, got on as straight of a line as possible, and landed the plane quite well. There was definitely tension among the passengers, and the safe landing was a relief for us all...

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