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Turkey Day Dreaming

November 25, 2003

"Benefits should be handed out drop by drop that they be relished the more."
-Nicolo Machiavelli

I had thought that this year was the first Thanksgiving that I'd get to be home for since 1997, but in reality I was home for it last year. But that was somewhat of a blur, given that it fell during the 13 months of torment under the Executive Meddler (the bulk of which I've tried to purge from my memory.) Anyway, I was looking over the ledger in e-mailing my sister Mary Beth, who had wondered what my Thanksgivings had involved in the years since 1997...

-1998: Grantham, England at Harlaxton College (and we had classes that day, since the UK doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, though we did have a nice formal dinner that night.)
-1999: Evansville, IN. Depressing as hell, spent at a Shoney's Thanksgiving night buffet by myself (since my friends were all out of town.) I had pulled a marathon shift the days before, working Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, flying to Huntington for an interview, returning that night to do the Wednesday night/Thursday morning Thanksgiving show and then collapsing into a deep sleep that lasted well into Thanksgiving evening.
-2000: Huntington, WV. Melanie Adkins (one of the WSAZ morning show co-anchors) invited me and others from the station over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was very nice. Most memorable about the evening was that one of Melanie's relatives let it slip that she was pregnant again (though I kept that a secret at Melanie's request until she let it be known at work the following month).
-2001: Tampa, FL. Brian Kargus and his wife Amy invited me over to their place in Pinellas Park for Thanksgiving dinner.
-2002: Okay, I was wrong... I was home in Nashville, TN for Thanksgiving last year. I had to check the archives to remember (and this article in particular). But with work being what it was at that point (i.e. hellish) and the overnight shift still messing with me, it wasn't what it could've been (I came in from working an all-nighter on a flight that morning, so I was rather groggy, as you might imagine).

Junior Seau tackles Chad Morton
The Dolphins should stick to wearing white jerseys at home.

The only downer for this year's Thanksgiving is that my brother Matt won't be able to be home for it (though he will be up from Mississippi State on Friday, so I'll get to see him before I head back to Tampa on Saturday morning.)

Maybe I was a bit harsh on the Miami Dolphins' orange jerseys... but at the very least you have to admit that they clash horribly with the rest of the uniform. Unfortunately, Miami rallied to win last night over Washington, so there won't be a "curse of the orange" or anything like that.

How's this for an odd situation -- I'm part of a four-way tie for the weekly NFL pool at work. All four of us in the lead picked Tampa Bay in last night's Monday nighter... and all four of us also predicted 38 points for the tiebreaker. What are the odds of that? The Vegas spread was 37, but still for all four to pick 38 is interesting. Too bad I didn't go with 37; since the final was 19-13 Tampa Bay, I would've won outright. So it goes.

I read on All Access (a radio industry webpage) that Premiere Radio has re-signed the Bob & Tom show to a new syndication deal. B&T have more than 120 affiliates, and while they are competition to Bubba, I have to put them over for finding a formula that works well in middle-to-small markets. It's vanilla enough to avoid the controversy traps that more daring shows run into, but it has a humor level that connects with the target demo. It's hard to argue with the results.

Of course, it does frustrate me to see a show like Bubba's (which I feel is vastly superior to Bob & Tom) have a much tougher time in expanding, but an edgy product is sometimes a tough one to sell.

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