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November 23, 2003

This has been a good times weekend, for sure. Michigan beat Ohio State, and what's more, ABC made the smart move to have Keith Jackson do the game instead of Brent Musburger (though it would've been nice to hear him put in a "Michigan could still win the national title!" homer line like he did a few years back). Plus, Keith Jackson had the old-style cab driver cap on, which made for some unintentional comedy.

Do Not Enter sign
Drunken photos are fun.

Scott Massey came by here in a rare midday appearance, and we watched the game and had a couple of beers and what not. From there it was down to Ybor City, which had its daytime face on, with it being 3 in the afternoon or so. I ate at Roma Pizza for the first time, which has giant slices but lacks the flavor of my favorite pizza in Ybor (over at Market on 7th, aka Demmi's Market). We were looking for a place that had the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game (the local ABC affiliate carried NC State/Maryland, which actually turned out to be a thrilling game). Unfortunately Roma Pizza didn't have it, and Elmer's (the local Ybor sports bar) doesn't have the whole satellite thing going on there. We actually contemplated ordering it on Pay Per View, though fortunately we decided against it (it was more Scott's idea than mine, though the matchup did intrigue me).

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Scott's amazing kickoff return for a TD at the end of the first half of our Marshall/Oregon State game. Scott (as the Beavers) put in Oregon State RB Steven Jackson (who's a likely NFL first round pick in next year's draft) as his kickoff returner, and Jackson took it to the house at the end of the first half. Scott played me close in both games (though I won them both), but disappointingly neither made it to the "Greatest Games" list.

Last night was a good time, too. Met some friends at the Green Iguana, then we checked out "Level III", a new club that opened up right next to Amphitheatre on 7th Avenue. It's a good setup, and while attendance was low last night when we were there, I predict good things for the place. Though they need to watch it on the drink prices, ouch! Their special was a $3 Captain and coke, though friends who ordered outside of that realm had some sticker shock.

The third floor of the place is on the roof (hence the "Level III" name), which is actually very similar to another expensive Ybor club, Prana. Prana at first didn't do very strong business, but it found its niche and now it's one of the busiest clubs in Ybor.

Fighting a hangover this morning, I laid on the couch and watched the classic movie Caddyshack. It's a great film, definitely one worth owning on DVD...

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