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November 21, 2003

I finally did it. It took three weeks, but I finally got up-to-date on sending out the orders from Now I can actually have a weekend to relax, which should be tremendous. Everyone needs a break now and again. The next item we're going to put on there is a Bubba Army hat, which I predict will be a big seller. I just hope that we're locked in with the UPS Store by that point to handle fulfillment...

Rod Davis
Rod Davis and Southern Miss ended TCU's hopes of making a BCS bowl game.

Normally I'm not much of a Peter Jennings fan, but the 2-hour documentary that he narrated on the JFK assassination was fascinating. I'm one who tends to believe in conspiracies in certain cases, but with JFK I really believe that Oswald acted alone. If the revered writer Seymour Hersh was unable to unearth any evidence contradicting this in his years of work in writing the fantastic book The Dark Side of Camelot, I tend to believe the stated lone gunman idea. ABC's explanation of Oswald's connections to communism, his time spent in the Soviet Union, and his desire to be famous for something proved fascinating to me. Overall, it's the best work I've seen from ABC News in a long, long time.

During commercials I did my best to keep up with the TCU/Southern Miss game over on ESPN. It looked like USM was going to run away with it, only for TCU to go on a scoring tear, posting 22 points in less than five minutes of play. Unreal. Southern Miss ended up being too strong in the end, ruining TCU's perfect season, but the comeback itself was a site to behold.

There's some good college football on the agenda for tomorrow, most notably the Ohio State/Michigan game. Here's hoping that Chris Perry and the Wolverines run all over the Buckeyes...

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