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November 20, 2003

I finally watched The Matrix: Reloaded last night... What a disappointment. Despite the bad reviews I'd heard, I went in trying to give it a chance. The special effects were great, and it had a few moments where it shined, but overall the plot and storyline fell flat (which is where the original Matrix really shined). The whole Superman routine from Neo was a bit hokey for my tastes.

The Matrix: Reloaded
The Matrix: Reloaded doesn't match up to the quality of the original.

Of course, at some point I'll have to watch the final of the three Matrix movies (Revolutions) just so I can see how it ends. Though, in my mind, I think it's more enjoyable to think of the original Matrix as a stand-alone film that belongs among the all-time elite films.

Here in a bit I need to go find a store to sell me a replacement tire for my Neon. Big Dick at 98 Rock was ribbing me yesterday about the Neon being "purple". Argh.

The flat tire on my Neon is now replaced. And while my four tires aren't exactly of the matching variety, they get the job done. I can't stress enough how screwed I would've been had I not had my four-sided wrench with me. The bolts are generally put on there tight on those tires in the mechanic shops. Without the proper torque, you're out of luck.

Coming home last night from work was interesting in that it gave me a look at some Tampa traffic tie-ups that I normally don't get to see. Granted, that meant that it took forever (by the time I went from DigiQuest to the airport post office back over Westshore to 98 Rock). But it did make me appreciate not having to fight the downtown Tampa to Clearwater madness that many people deal with daily...

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