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Best Laid Plans

November 19, 2003

So there I was, driving from 98 Rock to DigiQuest, my car packed to the gills with box sets and Ned t-shirts... when my right front tire went out. Pop goes the weasel. The irony is that I finally was going to bite the bullet and replace the tire tomorrow morning. Now I will for sure, no more procrastination. Can't drive on that donut tire for too long.

Thanks to the four-sided wrench I purchased in May, changing the tire was no problem, even on a side street off of busy Westshore Blvd. The bolts were in there tight, though; if I hadn't had the wrench, I would've been out of luck. As it was, I had to unload my trunk just to get to the spare and the wrench and the jack. But I got the job done.

Highlights magazine cover
Where would Highlights be without Goofus & Gallant?

After getting bumped last week due to a scheduling snafu on my dentist's part, I finally got the two crowns put in from where I'd had my double root canal. It wasn't so bad (until I paid the bill -- that hurt the worst!) One very funny moment came when a rather irritable older woman was complaining to the receptionist about having to wait so long. It was a nice distraction from the boredom of reading golf magazines. My dentist keeps an odd selection of waiting room magazines: Highlights for Children, People (the Spanish language version), Ebony and Golf Digest (or whatever it's called). Next time I go maybe I'll check out the Goofus and Gallant part of Highlights instead (that was always my favorite part of the magazine).

Is it just me, or does someone suspect that there's more to this whole Keyshawn Johnson on the inactive list thing than we're being told? You mean to tell me that Warren Sapp can act the way he does, and Kenyatta Walker can get an illegal hands to the face call every game, yet Keyshawn is the old getting the freeze-out? Hmmm. I've noticed that Keyshawn is no longer connected in billboard advertising with Profusion, a restaurant located here in Tampa. It will be most interesting to see what Tampa Bay could acquire in trading the 31-year-old WR -- would any team part with a first round pick to acquire him at this point in his career?

At the dentist's office today, I heard another patient telling Dr. Easler how "the Bucs could be 9-1, if it weren't for just one play every game." Would've, could've, should've... Bottom line, repeating as champs in the NFL is extremely difficult. But, hey, if this will help me move up the season ticket waiting list, then so be it. I wish the Bucs the best, but they have a long road ahead if they hope to make the post-season. 4-6 does not get the job done.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't add this link to a hilarious (if not slightly dated) series of comic strip parodies... I discovered them in my unsuccessful quest for a Goofus & Gallant pic for this page (I opted for a Highlights cover instead), but some were funny enough to make me laugh out loud (especially the Blondie parody). If the real comic strips were that funny, they might be worth reading...

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