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Fun With The Camera

November 16, 2003

I have to tell you, the Canon A70 is a nice camera. So far, so good in my first weekend of use with it. I haven't had the chance to do all that much, given that the camera came with a mere 16 meg flash card and that I've been busy with work. But so far, so good.

The A70 is small enough to fit in my pocket to bring to the clubs. It appears to be chalk-full of options, though I really haven't had the chance to investigate all of what it can do. It can record short movies, though with the 16 meg flash card there's not much room for that.

Saturday night at Prana
Kim Martin, Lou Pickney and Deann Pruitt enjoyed a Saturday night of fun at Prana in Ybor City, FL.

Last night was a blast. The evening started with Scott Massey swinging by and getting some lessons from yours truly in NCAA Football 2004. It looked bad early for me, with him up 14-0 in the Swamp with Florida against me as Oklahoma State. But thanks to a solid dose of Rashaun Woods, I lead OSU on a comeback that turned into a runaway win. I then beat Scott in two more games. About time, considering that he'd had my number as of late in the game.

Scott left around midnight, and I met up with Kim and Deann over at Prana, where they knew someone who got us in with free VIP, no waiting in line. That's some sweet action. With James now up in South Carolina in active Coast Guard duty, I don't have my freebie connection anymore. We had a fun time and stayed till the club shut down.

It hasn't been all play, though; work has kept me super-busy. I have to thank friends like Scott and Kim who've made the effort to line up stuff to do. I certainly haven't had much time to do much in the way of planning. On top of the fulfillment work, we just sent out our newest postcard campaign for the show. Thank goodness for self-adhesive stamps (and for learning from the last time and giving enough room for the labels to fit).

Tennessee Titans towel
Look at the quality the Canon A70 provides.

Those damn Ohio State Buckeyes keep hanging around, winning ugly. Their OT win over Purdue (not shown locally, thanks to the damned FSU regional coverage on ABC) was impressive, given that Purdue is a good team. But I will be super-pissed if Ohio State is playing for the national title. Bad times on that.

Scott Massey brought up an interesting point last night, saying that perhaps Oklahoma is a bit over-hyped. That may be true, though I don't see anyone being able to knock them off. But I would like to see USC (Southern Cal, not South Carolina) get a shot at them.

On the pro level, wouldn't it be fun to see a Tennessee Titans/Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Game? I would very much enjoy that. First things first, they have to get there, but seeing those two teams square off would be fun.

In the NFC, things are wide open. It had looked like the Minnesota Vikings were going to run away with things, but they've fallen into a slump as of late. The Carolina Panthers have all but locked up the NFC South, but even they have question marks (like in their secondary). But with a strong defensive front four, and a solid running game with Stephen Davis, they have as good a shot as anyone at making a run in the playoffs. And, incidentally, I take back what I said about Stephen Davis and the Carolina o-line in August -- they've proven me wrong to this point...

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