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Reel It In

November 12, 2003

I have to tell you that in the past week, I went from not knowing who Paris Hilton is... to becoming a big fan. Big money and leaked sex tapes. Hahahaha. Climbing the Eiffel Tower, so to speak. Viva la file-swapping.

Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith
Steve Smith helped the 2003 Hustlers earn a playoff berth.

The Canon A70 digital camera is scheduled to get here tomorrow. I've had fun tracking its progress via UPS. Brooklyn, NY to Maspeth, NY to Baltimore, MD to Laurel, MD to Richmond, VA to finally Jacksonville, FL early this morning (5:45 AM, to be precise).

The record is all mine. With a win over the Capital Punishers this weekend, my Tampa Bay Hustlers fantasy football team clinched a playoff berth. The 3FL began in 1992; I joined in 1994, and this marks the 10th straight season that I've made the playoffs. I had been tied with Brook Gardiner, who made nine straight playoff appearances (1992-2000). is still going strong (and keeping me busy). The Ned t-shirts are selling beyond even my highest expectations. Poor Doug at Apparel World is dreading my phone calls on the constant re-orders, but people want their Ned fix. At the live events they've been selling out like mad.

Speaking of live events, barring an 11th hour surprise it looks like tonight I'll be going down to Ft. Myers with the BTLS crew for the Morning Domination CD signing event... Should be fun. I'm looking forward to meeting the Real Rock 92.5 crew, which should be great (I've talked with these guys for months via phone and e-mail, but this will be my first chance to meet them in person).

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