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Triangle Offense

November 10, 2003

How's this for a shocker: Al Gore said something that I totally agree with. He and I may fundamentally disagree on many things, but he came out in strong support of the repeal of the Patroit Act, one of the most vile pieces of legislation against individual liberties ever concocted (which was rushed through in the wake of 9/11/2001). Of course, if only some of Mr. Gore's party-members would've felt the same way when the decidely non-patriotic legislation came up for a vote, we wouldn't have this problem.

But in the end, President Bush signed it into law. These are the sorts of things that make it impossible for me to consider myself an outright Republican. Nevermind that blind party affiliation is for the foolish -- but give me lower taxes, less federal government spending and more freedom from government intrusion on my privacy, and I'll more or less be happy. This is why I consider myself a Libertarian more than anything, though that party is such a non-factor on the national political scene that's it almost feels futile.

I know that with the right combination, I can win the work NFL pick 'em pool if tonight's Green Bay/Philly game falls the right way. I took Green Bay with 44; right now the Pack leads 7-3 (not looking good for the combined score), but I haven't had time to sit down and figure out exactly who else is in the running with me and what they need. Guess I'll find out one way or the other at work tomorrow. Overall though, I had a great pick 'em/fantasy football weekend... without giving it a whole lot of thought. Here's to good fortune.

Work continues to be busy... not the avalanche of last week, but still damn busy. But that's a good thing. Busy=money coming in. And that is a positive thing.

Tomorrow I play checkers at the dentist, as I get a pair of crowns put on. Lucky me. Hopefully that won't be too tough of a procedure to undergo. All I know is that eating doesn't hurt anymore thanks to the double root canal. I've finally been able to enjoy my Cap'n Crunch. And eat some chips without wincing in pain. You take these things for granted... until they hit you.

But for now it's time to turn off the game, finish this bad boy up and go to sleep. 6 AM hits early, and tomorrow is another important day at the office...

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