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A Good Time (Just Like Everybody Else)

November 3, 2002

"On certain Sundays in November
When the weather bothers me
I empty drawers of other summers
Where my shadows used to be
She is standing by the water
As her smile begins to curl
In this or any other summer
She is something all together different
Never just an ordinary girl.....
But it's just the same hard candy
You're remembering again"
-Counting Crows "Hard Candy"

"I'd let her take her chances with me
You see, she gets what she wants"
-Huey Lewis "Heart And Soul"

This is one of those bad mornings. A real momentum killer. It's like as if at some point yesterday, the luck just ran out. The BCS conspiracy theory came into full effect, with a bunch of the unbeatens losing. Florida knocked off Georgia, costing me $5. Then the wheels just came off. What looked like a 4-for-4 on weekend nights on numbers absolutely fell apart. And I can't even blame Riley; the chick went for him, and it's the reverse of the Friday night before last. Oh, and Friday night's possibility looks like Saturday night's improbability, like that $10 bet on the Tennessee Vols winning the national title. Riiiiiight. I don't remember coming home. The butterfly in reverse here is me.

Of course, every time in the past few weeks that things have looked discouraging, something better on the plus side has come up to trump it. But Sunday morning, still half-drunk from the night before, I'm not so sure on this one.

Just checked to be see what NFL games will be on today. Fox 13 (WTVT) didn't have any info up on what games they'd have on the Time Warner deal. I know the early game is Vikings at Bucs. Okay, just checked; of course the Bucs are the early game (I already knew that -- that's why my station has Jets/Chargers late). The late Fox game will be 49ers at Raiders. Jerry Rice vs. his old team, I can deal with that.

The worst is when the network with the Bucs game isn't the one with the double-header. Essentially you get hosed out of an extra game. I hate the NFL's rules. In a related note, I also hope that cable companies are allowed in on the DirecTV monopoly which runs out this year on the NFL Sunday Ticket. I'd very very likely be in on that.

Still deliberating going out and buying NBA Live 2003. And Sega Sports Tennis. Of course, that's $100 I'd rather have in my pocket. Maybe I need to consult with eBay.

Hmm, just checked eBay -- better-than-retail, for sure.

The weather here is getting nice. Cool enough to have the windows down and feel comfortable. Oh, and the high today is supposed to be 80 degrees. Yes, spending the winter in Tampa is a good thing.

Not sure what else to write about. My mind is preoccupied with that which is outside of my immediate control. I have "Think Of Me" by Todd Rundgren playing on my MP3 player. One of those moods. I imagine that whatever I put on here will come across as sardonic, sarcastic and bitter, with the possible taint like cream cheese that's been left out maybe a little too long. Sometimes less is more.

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