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A Workable Situation

November 27, 2002

I want to say hi to Bubba the Love Sponge. He dropped me an e-mail the other day saying he'd checked out my Hot Talk webpage. We talked tonight, and it was interesting hearing some of his insights about the radio business and what not. So thanks to Bubba for taking the time to check out the page.

Makes me wonder how many of the other radio personalities listed there have seen it. The Hot Talk page gets almost as many hits as my personal page, and if you add up all the individual pages (Bubba, Monsters, Stern, etc.), it'd exceed it. As I explained to Bubba, I created the page as a reference for people when they travel so they can check out other shows. There's no other page out there like it, which is why I created it in the first place. Some webpages like and have individual show listings, but I thought it made sense to create a page about the genre.

Really, it just took some .html work, a little research and to put it together. There's still more work to be done on it, but really it's more hunting down a list of affiliates for some of the nighttime shows and finding the time to type it all up.

I need to finish packing... but let me end this by sharing with you an e-mail I sent out today about "Jah Pickney". I try not to be negative/insulting on here, but this is something that must be shared with you all.

Hey everyone -- hope you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm heading to Nashville for it myself tomorrow mid-morning; my first Thanksgiving home since 1997. That's something to be thankful for in and of itself. But I hope it's a great one for you all.

Here's something that ranks about a 99 on the unintentional comedy scale that I ran across. I'm trying to decide on a name for my forthcoming music distribution company, so I typed in "Pickney music" on google and this came up:

It's almost like something I'd make up as a joke. But I swear it's real. It's a white Canadian guy who's a Christian reggae singer. I'm serious. Jah Pickney is not his real name -- but apparently Pickney is some Jamacian word. I mean, for me Pickney is just the Americanization of Pequigney (which my relatives changed to Pickney when they came over from Alsace-Lorraine, a bilingual region on the France/Germany border). But this Jah Pickney thing really looks like a parody-type page. Complete with the CD with him and some blue clouds around him. Hilarious stuff. But let the record reflect that Jah Pickney is in no way connected with me!

Have a great Thanksgiving. Talk with you later.

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