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Cold As Ice

November 21, 2002

Only one day till the weekend. And it can't come soon enough. Some weeks are brutally long; this has been one of those weeks.

Found out that I'll have Christmas off this year. This is great news -- I'll be able to go home for it. However, the two days after that I requested off in February (and told "pending") and re-requested four other times was mysteriously not on the books. But I was able to land the two days before, giving me December 21-December 25 to be home. I have to work Christmas night, but I'll be there for the morning part of it. It's a workable situation.

I went to Einstein Bagels this morning, and I must say the cheese bagel I had was delicious. Mmm, tasty. I recommend it.

Oh, and I found out that I'll have New Year's off, too. So I'll be set to hit Daytona Beach with my crew from Orlando. That should be a blast. Adam and Amanda invited me to a house party this weekend, but I've going to the Hoobastank concert (me and Scott and Scott's girlfriend Carrie and a girl Carrie works with). So that should be a good time.

Dave Bohman asked if he could use my webpage today for a story follow-up he's doing. So it some portion of this site ends up on the WTSP news tonight, I guess I'll know why. Dave is a great reporter and an even better person, so anything I can do to help him I'll do.

Bucs/Packers is all the talk for this weekend. I hope Brian Kargus got his ticket early this year; scalpers are charging a mint for them. And what's more, the Bucs' success isn't doing anything to help me in the wait for the season ticket list. But hey, it's nice to have two local teams doing well (the Bucs and the Lightning).

My fantasy team has lost two straight after a 9-0 start. If I lose my final two and Jon wins his final two, he'd leapfrog me for the #1 seed. Of course, losing four straight to end the regular season wouldn't exactly be the way I'd want to go into the playoffs -- but still it's better to lose now than in the postseason, don't you think?

It's amazing how much better my car drives with the alignment fixed. No more shaking at highway speeds or odd rattling (knock on wood). Good work Tire Kingdom!

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