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Lou Pickney's Online Commentary


November 20, 2002

Yes, I know yesterday's commentary was only one paragraph. Sometimes less is more.

I was looking for car alignment info this morning (more on that in a minute), and by chance I ran across this:

The Leader's Impact

My job is exciting.
There is so much to learn!
I am part of an important community.
We are doing something important.

This is not a veiled comment toward anyone. It's just something that I think everyone, myself included, can read and not help feel a bit pumped up about. Read this the next time your job starts to bring you down a bit.

The story of this weekend could fill several chapters, but the best part was getting to see Warren and Sada Mosler on Sunday in St. Petersburg. I hadn't seen either of them in probably 12-13 years; Sada didn't even remember having ever met me (I was probably 12 and her 8 back the last time we met up in Harriman). It's amazing how time flies.

As I got out of my car this morning, I noticed just how bad the front left tire on my car was looking. On close inspection, I could see the steel starting to wear through on the side. Not good.

I drove down to Dale Mabry and went to Midas. Their tire replacing machine was out of service (what, they can't manually put a tire on?!?). The guy directed me down the road to Tires Plus. I wasn't able to find that, but I came upon Tire Kingdom.

Once there, the employee told me the same thing the guy at Midas had said -- my car needed a realignment. So I went for it. I figure I want my car in top running shape, particularly since my daily commute takes me over the bay and back. Unfortunately for me I didn't see the poorly marked "waiting room", so I went for a walk. Took a trip by Blockbuster, but they weren't open yet. Loitered at the Publix on Dale Mabry (and caught a hot blonde in the pharmacy looking my way), then walked to IHOP and had two cups of decaf coffee. From there it was back to Tire Kingdom, but the Neon was still being worked on. So I walked across the street and talked on my cell phone, feeling hot in my sweater in the rapidly warming Tampa mid-morning.

Finally, the car was ready. And I saw the waiting room and laughed to myself. I suppose it's a lesson learned -- next time ask if you don't see a waiting room. But my car seems to be running well, and it's a layer of satisfaction and safety. I'll take that.

I had an e-mail from a guy who found my PlayStation 2 commentary and how it helped him get a free-of-charge (minus shipping for him) repair from Sony. So Jason, I'm glad I could be of help.

My computer nearly crashed; perhaps a sign to save and go to sleep...

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