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This Tension We Ignore

November 13, 2002

"I have known that nothing's fair
Surely what did I expect?
When magic slips into the air
And every day's another test"
-Sebadoh "Beauty Of The Ride"

The big "talker" TV show at work continues to be The Sopranos. If you don't watch, you're really missing out. This past week's episode is one of the best in a long time; check it out on HBO this week if you get a chance. Someone at work was predicting that Tony will be shot in the final episode of the season, and it'll be a cliffhanger "whodunnit" on par with the infamous Dallas "Who Shot J.R. Ewing" episode.

Scott Massey brough up a good point about people who protest The Sopranos -- where were they when Goodfellas came out? Or the Godfather trilogy (Scott is convinced there will be a fourth; perhaps there will, you know it would be a gold mine). I pointed out that this is 2002, not 1990 or 1974.

There are things I'd like to discuss on here, but cannot. It's one thing to be held to a high standard; it's another to have a double standard in place (particularly by the standard-bearer). Especially when you know that you're the Jericho to the HHH in the backstage politics. But freedom's not too far away.

Seriously though, I feel like the late Brian Pillman in WCW when they were trying to bury him in the early '90s. They put him out there in the opening match and had him lose every time, but he would go out and put on a great performance and get the crowd going in spite of the obstacles put in front of him. And make management look ridiculous for wasting his skills like that.

My fantasy football team took its first loss of the season this past week. Ironically it came in the game where I had my personal highest single-game output, but the Stallions were just too tough (Gannon, Bruce and Burress). No worries though; we're planning for the playoffs.

The weather here is feeling nice. A cold front is coming through, bringing a bit of a crisper feel to the air. That will send people into a panic for tomorrow though in all likelihood. One thing that I find quite amusing is how people in the Tampa area react to cold weather, as if it's a severe emergency situation. And remember, I'm not talking about -20; I mean 45 and people are in a panic. I could only imagine what happened when it snowed here back in 1977 (and by snow, I mean light flurries). They probably called a state of emergency.

I like to rib people about the way they panic about the cold, but really Tampa is a wonderful place to live. There's an inherent human nature for people to complain about where they live. And in Nashville and Evansville and Huntington I could handle it. But when natives of Tampa start complaining, that's where I draw the line and tell them to shut up until they've spent some time outside of the area. Go scrape ice off your windshield every morning for three months and get back to me.

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