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Red Thermometer

May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I think of my relatives who fought for this country on days like today, and for people like my Great Uncle Johnny Pickney, who lost his life in World War II, fighting for our country in Germany.

As I type this, I'm listening to a Howard Stern show from 1/25/2006 where he had Alexis Stewart on as a guest. Wow, what a worthless human being she is. When I was up in New York working with Bubba, I once walked past her mother, Martha Stewart, in the hallway at Sirius. I looked over at Martha and smiled, being friendly. Martha averted her gaze, looking away with a cold expression of dismissal. Her and her daughter can both stick it.

Red thermometer
It's been hot here this weekend.
It's been incredibly hot here in Alabaster this long weekend. The AccuWeather add-on to Mozilla that my brother put on my computer some time back conveniently puts icons on the bottom right of the computer that show the upcoming local forecast. On Friday night they showed the forecast for Sunday, which was displayed as an overwhelmed thermometer. Through the magic of screen capture software, I have it on here for you to see. I wonder if the red thermometer perhaps confused some people, as that icon was replaced with the normal sunshine icon the next day. Either way, it was on target. It's hot here.

When I lived in Tampa, one misconception that I had to constantly dispel was that it was ridiculously hot there relative to the rest of the country. Yes, it does get hot there earlier in the season than in most of the parts north, but the weather we're experiencing in the greater Birmingham area this weekend is no different than what they have in Tampa. I wrote about this last year, and I feel no different about it now that I've moved away from Tampa.

The Miami Heat beat the Detroit Pistons tonight to move up 3-1 in their best-of-seven series. Shaquille O'Neal looked like the Shaq of 1994 on one play in particular, going coast-to-coast on a layup. However, don't count out the Pistons yet; remember that Miami was up 3-2 on them last year and couldn't get the job done. But Pat Riley is a coaching upgrade over the Ron Jeremy lookalike who coached the Heat last year, while the Pistons went from Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown to Flip Saunders, who went through eight years in Minnesota unable to lead Kevin Garnett and company into the Finals (and the Timberwolves only made the Western Conference Finals once under his command.) Combine that with the play of Dwyane Wade for Miami... and the immediate future looks challenging at best for Detroit.

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