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Pain Relief

May 1, 2006

My Dad let me borrow one of his PainNot heating pads... and I have to say, it has helped a great deal in a short amount of time with the muscle spasms in my neck that have been plauging me. I did a search on the internet trying to find more on it, but there's very little out there about the product. Hmm. Whatever the case, it has helped to alleviate the pain, which is a good thing. The anti-neck spasm medicine I have makes me quite drowsy, which can be quite inconvenient.

I watched Game 4 of the Clippers/Nuggets game at my brother's house on Saturday night. It's great to see sports on his huge Sony Wega HDTV. However, I don't think the people who invented HDTV had Reggie Evans grabbing Chris Kaman in the junk in mind with that kind of detail. Yo! As it is, it seems like a calculated effort to get Kaman to snap. Kaman is known for having ADHD (and for looking like a caveman who is trying to look like Hulk Hogan), and he was physically ill going into the game due to a viral illness. Kaman responded by shoving Evans to the ground, like he had drunk a little too much Sparks and someone rudely bumped past him at a club (inside reference there.) As Kaman was quoted after the game, his initial reaction was to "Hit him in the head as hard as I can." Luckily, cooler heads prevailed. Here's the video from YouTube:

The game of the weekend, though, had to be the Lakers win over the Suns yesterday. Say what you will about Kobe Bryant, but his clutch shooting was the stuff of legend. The Suns went from tying the series to being down 3-1 with a backbreaking loss.

One great annoyance for me was hearing the Washington Wizards announcing crew be extremely biased in its call of Game 4 of the Wizards/Cavs series last night. I had that game on Sirius during my drive home last night... and good grief, that was awful. Unfortunately Sirius didn't have the Cavs feed of the series. The Washington Bullets was a team I could deal with, but ever since they became the Wizards... I mean, that name is just awful. Even in the late game, where I had to yet again get the alternate feed (the Kings broadcasters) where my favorite team (the Spurs) was involved, it was nowhere close to that. Be objective, people...

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