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Lost & Found

May 27, 2005

The season finale of Lost on ABC on Wednesday was an outstanding episode, in my opinion. Some people didn't like it, since it didn't answer all of the questions, but it did reveal many things, left multiple cliffhangers for season two (where does the hatch's ladder lead, what happens to Walt, what happens to the other people on the boat, etc.) and overall made for two hours of captivating TV.

I also DVRed American Idol. I never watched the show for more than a minute or two all season, but I wanted to at least be aware of the finals so I wouldn't be behind the curve on that pop culture phenomenon. Unfortunately it was spoiled for me a bit by, of all things, the teenage girlish screams of my insane upstairs neighbor and one of her friends who were obviously watching the show and reacting to the results. Now granted, they could've been cheering for Bo Bice, but as I figured they were pulling for that Carrie Underwood chick.

Personally I didn't care who won, but the fact that the Bo guy actually sang rock songs had me leaning toward him. Though Carrie was hot, a great singer, and she seemed versitale in the clips they showed from past shows. She did some 80s song and was all dressed up in an 1980s, complete with her hair style, and she pulled it off great. She came across as sexy in a good girl kind of way. Hard to explain, I know. But whatever the case, I fast-forwarded through much of the filler material to get to the announcement (and there was some real throwaway stuff in there to fill time). Then they made her sing her new single, which clearly she was mentally not ready to do under the circumstances. "I have to do this now?!?" she exclaimed. Gotta love live television.

My friend Dustin e-mailed me Wednesday night concerning my 5/24/2005 column. I wasn't able to work it into the last column (which was written but not posted when he wrote me), but he hit it dead-on about Detroit/Miami game two.

Good article bro. who knows what will end up happenin. prob ur boys vs mine but i think miami will get 1 tnite. *~DUSTIN~* (May 25, 05 7:08pm)

Sure enough, Dwyane Wade stepped it up and Miami won. Game three in Detroit this weekend will be very interesting. One wonders how rowdy the Pistons fans will get, and more importantly if Detroit's defense will make any adjustments to compensate for Wade's game. Remember, Wade was yet another player (besides Carmelo Anthony) that Detroit passed on to take Darko Milicic. If the NBA's developmental league was how it should be, Darko would be down in Detroit's farm system honing his skills there. Instead he rides the pine and is the butt of countless jokes. I almost feel sorry for him... until I think about how much money he makes.

Sam Bowie with the Portland Trailblazers
Portland fans would prefer to forget the Sam Bowie era (1984-1989).

You know how the 1984 Draft is remembered for how Portland passed on Michael Jordan to take Sam Bowie? What often is overlooked is that Portland also passed on Charles Barkley, who went at #5 to Philadelphia. Well same deal with Detroit in the 2003 Draft. Not only did they pass on Carmelo Anthony, the Pistons passed on Dwyane Wade. To be fair, few people (if any) expected Wade to be this good this soon, but still it makes the Darko pick look all the more questionable in hindsight.

And yeah, I know, Darko doesn't even turn 20 until next month, so hold the phone on labeling him a bust. But until he shows something, he's going to be a punchline.

The Associated Press reports that Sprint wants to raise its rates by 93 cents per customer in Florida to cover costs from the hurricanes that hit Florida last year. Hmm, sounds to me like a way to try to bypass regulations on rate hikes by blaming nature. I use Sprint, and I think this is a bunch of bunk. Why should I, living in Tampa, have to pay more because of their facilities in Punta Gorda and the east coast, but the rest of Sprint's customers don't? I hope they get a giant NO on their rate hike request.

Speaking of the AP, I am very grateful for having my site links from a national AP story about the Variety Hits movement. The article's author didn't contact me about the story, but in the "On The Net" section the link to my page is the first one listed. And to think, hadn't even been online for a month yet as of publication time. The internet is an amazing place. Here's the article (the link works as of this posting).

With Monday off for Memorial Day, this is the first long weekend I've had in awhile. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but it probably won't be anything too crazy. Next weekend is the trip to Nashville for my 10 year high school reunion, and two weeks after that is Glenn's wedding, so with all that travelling it seems to me that laying low this weekend is the best bet. But in Tampa, you never know what might happen.

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