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Jack My Ride

May 6, 2004

I disagree with the business plan of Salem Communications and its approach to radio (i.e. forcing its preferred Christian Talk/CCM formats in places where it would be more commercially viable to have other forms of programming in place), but this commentary piece by one of the Salem co-founders I think is dead on the money when it comes to the FCC. Read past the moral grandstanding, and you'll see that even Stuart Epperson sees the dangers lurking in this current environment.

Epperson writes: "Today it is Stern, Bubba (the Love Sponge) and Janet Jackson in the spotlight. Tomorrow it could be Limbaugh, Dobson and Janet Parshall." His point being, even though right now the speech being limited is by broadcasters that he personally doesn't care for, he realizes that this sort of governmental grandstanding power could be used against other broadcasters on down the line.

It's Spurs 2, Lakers 0 in their Best-of-7 Western Conference semifinal series, and I'm loving it. Los Angeles can't keep up, thanks in no small part to the struggles of Karl Malone. Good times!

Because Tali is a huge Friends fanatic, I ended up watching the replay of the two more recent episodes of the show that were on NBC last night... and then the 2 hour Dateline special that came on after it about the show. It was Cinco de Mayo yesterday and all, so she and I drank margaritas as we watched. Tequila is evil, but not so much so last night. Tonight my true magnanimous nature will come out, as I'll wait to watch Survivor until the two hour Friends finale ends (thank god she's not into ER -- that's where I draw the line!)

If nudity offends you, skip this paragraph. The Bubba The Love SpongeŽ "Toys For Tits 8" DVD is now available on The initial reaction to it has been positive... and frankly, if you're a straight man, there's not much to dislike about the whole thing. We tried to keep it reasonably priced ($14.99), and I think fans of Bubba's show will enjoy it. I know I had fun putting it together.

Speaking of Bubba, he'll be taking part in his first radio interview since his departure from Clear Channel tomorrow (Friday) night at 10 PM Eastern on the David Lawrence Show. It'll be carried live on XM (Channel 152) and Sirius (Channel 144), and I for one am excited about hearing how it'll all go down...

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