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Locked & Loaded

May 4, 2004

"I wish I could be everywhere that people are doing art, so that I could see it before the public sees it and I could keep them from being titillated or aroused or in any way confused by the counter-culture!"
-Senator Tankerbell on Mr. Show

Bob Odenkirk (of Mr. Show fame) is acting in a series of TV and radio ads for Miller beer that are really funny. It's set up in a political debate style, where Odenkirk borrows a few elements from his Senator Tankerbell character from Mr. Show (Tankerbell is now, oddly enough, being played in real life by the censor-crazy Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas). With most anyone else, the commercials would be forgettable, but Odenkirk is hilarious enough in his own way to make them laugh-out-loud funny. At least in my opinion.

My friend Tali is coming to visit tomorrow, which should be fun. I've known her since my days in Huntington, and since she had a business conference in Orlando to go to, it worked out perfect for her to come spend a couple of days at my place before flying up to Philadelphia for another work-related event (and she lives in Cleveland -- that's alot of time away from home).

Speaking of time away from home, in the event that Bubba The Love Sponge signs with Sirius, I'd likely be spending at least two months living in NYC (as we'd be doing our show from the Sirius studios in Manhattan) until a studio could be built here. But no deal is set yet, so it's a waiting game.

If I do end up in Manhattan, one event that I have no plans in taking part in is Pac-Manhattan. And no, I'm not making this up. Some people really do dress up and spend their Saturdays doing this.

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