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May 1, 2004

I'm the first guy to rib people on here about video game beat-downs, but I'll also fess up to taking a whippin' when that happens. And that's what went down last night, as Scott Massey beat me in Fight Night, NHL 2003, and then finally NCAA Football 2004. Granted, he was Miami playing against me as Washington, but he gained his comeuppance with a hard-earned 14-7 win (included keeping Reggie Williams from making a single reception). I'd like to blame it on being completely trashed... but a loss is a loss. At least this way maybe he and I will start playing that game again. I really really enjoy playing people in NCAA Football 2004 -- it's such a fun game to play.

In watching the NHL playoffs, the whole change this season of "the home team now wears dark" really has thrown me for a loop. It used to be you glanced at a screen and in a moment would know who was home by who was wearing white (every now and then this would be done differently, but that was a seldom occurrence). But now you have to stop and think "oh wait, they changed it this season" and remind yourself that when Detroit is wearing red, they're actually at home. It's annoying, though not as bad as the New Jersey Nets wearing throwback jerseys in the NBA Finals last year or the whole phenomenon of MLB teams wearing spring training tops in games (I blame the mid 90s Cleveland Indians for starting that awful trend). Say what you will about the New York Yankees, but at least you don't see them out there at Yankee Stadium disrespecting the pinstripes by wearing navy blue tops that should've been left behind at Legends Field in Tampa at the end of Spring Training.

Speaking of Tampa and baseball, Devil Rays manager Lou Piniella has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. As a result he's had to quit smoking (according to the article I read about it in the Tampa Tribune), and I can only imagine how grumpy he's going to be now in the Rays clubhouse. "Wait, my payroll is 1/500th of the Yankees and Red Sox, and now you're taking away my smokes?!?" They just need to bring back the "Heart & Hustle" motto from the 2002 season and they'll be set.

It looks like I'll be staying at my current residence for another year, as the powers that be at Camden Ybor offered me another 13 month contract at the same rate (which hasn't gone up since I moved in here). I do hope to buy a place (be it a condo or a house) at some point, but for now this should work.

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