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Confidential Confidence

May 27, 2003

Right now I've got the song "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel stuck in my head. And with good reason. Trying to placate two sides, play the role of middleman, and fix a potentially volatile situation. More than just another day at the office, for sure.

I had to replace the tire that I had go flat on me on Friday. The huge chunk of metal in my tire was several inches deep and rather thick. Bad times. Luckily Midas got it squared away rather quickly (though it was a hassle, as I went first to Tire Kingdom and found that the wait there was too long).

The past weekend was quite eventful. Howl at the Moon on Saturday was fun, though I enjoyed the more wide-open setting of Stumps' Supper Club. Meanwhile there was enough going on with people I knew (or would later meet) to fill a Terrentino-esque twister of a movie.

Sunday was a great time. James called me up, saying he had two girls he was going to meet out at the beach. He asked if I wanted to come along. What do you think I said? Yes, of course. My car was still incapacitated at this point, so I caught a ride with James out to Clearwater.

The two girls were Julia and Laura, both from Albany, New York. Laura and I hit it off pretty well; she's attractive and smart, and we had some nice conversation. The beach was a fun time, and we watched the sun set in the distance on the ocean. Very nice.

That night the four of us went out and saw the movie Bruce Almighty, which was hilarious. I think it's the funniest Jim Carrey movie I've ever seen. It involved the TV news business a great deal, and the TV producer in me had to hold back on criticizing how they had "Sweeps Week" instead of an entire month for Sweeps and how going live for a reporter wouldn't be seen as some sort of a huge big deal. But overall it was really funny, especially in the first half of the film, and I recommend it.

I still haven't seen Matrix Reloaded, but I've heard some negative things about it. Maybe it's because the bar was set so high by the amazing first Matrix movie. I hear that Reloaded is mostly a set-up for the third movie, which comes out in November. I'll have to check it out for myself.

Unfortunately Julia and Laura are back in Albany now. But I might be going to NYC later this year, so maybe I'll see Laura again then...

Yesterday James took me over to Pep Boys to get a wrench for my car. The lug nuts were bolted on there incredibly tight, so much so that the wrench that came with the car didn't get the job done. Not even close. I bought one of those four-sided wrenches with different sized lug nut holes. It still took some muscle to get the lug nuts turned, but it made the job very easy to do. Plus now I have the peace of mind of knowing that I have a wrench that can actually work in case I have a blowout away from my apartment...

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