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Fashion And Other Nonsense

May 5, 2002

"One way or another I'm not coming undone
I'm just waiting for the day..."
-Counting Crows "All My Friends"

"I took my sleep for granted in the past"
-Seven Mary Three "Wait"

"What did you expect to find?
Was it something you left behind?"
-Fuel "Hemmorage (In My Hands)"

"We need a little controversy
Cause it feels so empty without me..."
-Eminem "Without Me"

Times like this I wonder if the world of fashion has left me in the dust. I went over to Centro Ybor to buy a new shirt or two. One downside to Tampa is that about 9-10 months out of the year, you can forget about wearing anything long-sleeved and feeling comfortable. Especially on Sunday nights at work, where a few people in the newsroom seem to think that anything below 90 degrees is freezing cold. See, there's no thermostat regulating the AC, but instead a switch in the back to turn it on or off. They installed a thermostat last summer, which worked great for the week or so that it was in. But unfortunately it "caused a problem with something upstairs", so they took out the thermostat. I suppose it could be worse -- I'm told that they didn't install the switch until shortly before I started at Channel 10. Apparently the AC used to run 24/7 in the past.

Anyway, my point is that I need some more short-sleeved shirts. So I went to a couple of my usual favorite stores, Pac Sun and American Eagle. In the past I've bought nice shirts at both places. But last night, I was like uhhhhhh no. Nothing really struck me as being something I'd want. A few borderline choices were too expensive for me. I tried on this one orange shirt, but it just wasn't me. From there I went to Urban Outfitters (on advice from Scott Massey), but I didn't see much that I liked there, either. One thing that was intriguing was that they were selling brand new shirts made to look old and weathered. I kid you not. Stuff like "Wyoming Cowboy Festival" type designs, complete with the cracked look that older printed shirts sometimes get. And I'm supposed to pay $20 for this?!? Count me out.

So I went home empty-handed. I dunno what's up with that. Maybe I'm just out of touch with modern fashion. But I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

The NBA Playoff action this weekend has been outstanding. I'm really getting into it, the most I've liked the NBA in years. That Kings/Mavericks game was outstanding. I love that wide-open brand of back-and-forth basketball. The stuff with the Knicks a few years back and the slow it down to death 74-73 games was horrid -- it's nice to see the league revisit its Showtime roots.

I've been doing some more planning today on my music distribution company idea. It's a matter at this point of biting the bullet and getting some CD's printed up -- that is, once I decide which band (Westlake, Junior Saint and Pre-Madonna are all waiting in the wings as options) and what designs to use and how many to get. I'd really like to get it going, though.

For a good laugh, read about the short-lived history of the ABA's Baltimore Hustlers/Claws. Later.

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