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Derby Saturday

May 4, 2002

I just watched the movie Panic on HBO. It contained some excellent sequences of dialogue. William H. Macy is one of my favorite actors, and it was something to see him interact with Donald Sutherland. Plus, Neve Campbell is hot as hell (if you doubt this, check out the movie Wild Things with Campbell and Denise Richards -- you'll thank me later). Actually, Neve Campbell kind of reminded me of Sandra Bullock a little in her manneurisms in Panic. The movie's premise itself was a little weak for my tastes (as if someone watched The Sopranos episode where Tony sees his dad put a hit on someone one time too many)... but this can be forgiven by the amazingly real-feeling interaction in many of the scenes. The scenes where Alex (Macy) is in Sarah Cassidy's (Campbell) apartment provides some of the most intensely real conversational dialogue this side of American Beauty. Seriously -- the dialogue is that good. I'm not sure how it'd be if we had, say, Keanu Reeves and Andie McDowell instead of Macy and Campbell, but the execution here was flawless.

The Kentucky Derby finished not too long ago. Looked for my friend Stephanie out there chugging mint julips in the infield, but I didn't spot her. Steph is at the Derby, my bro Matt is in Memphis where the Counting Crows are playing tomorrow... Lucky them. Though I can't complain -- if being in Tampa is a consolation, I'll take the bronze, thank you very much.

Last night I met up with James and his friend over at a place called Club Joy. I'd never been there before, but it was pretty nice. Joy is rather upscale, and it's the closest to an NYC style club I've seen here besides Prana (though Prana is small enough to really capture the feel of the real estate-squeezed NYC club scene). Unfortunately that also meant it had the drink prices to match.

Tonight is wide open. Hoping James will call back to give me the scoop on early evening, then from there Desi will be swinging by after he finishes up at work over at Channel 8. Drink a few, chase some women, and see what wild adventures we can round up in Ybor on a Saturday night. The usual fun. Also, the Mavericks and Kings open what should be an immensely fun-to-watch Western conference semi-final series...

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