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Welcome To Florida, Ryan Priest

May 29, 2002

Time is short, so this will be brief. Just found out that my friend Ryan Priest (who currently works at WEHT in Evansville) landed an assignment editor job at Bay News 9 in St. Petersburg. Congratulations to Ryan -- it'll be cool to have him down here. Bay News 9 is lucky to get him; Ryan is a hard worker and will do well for them.

Also, I watched the scene in Pulp Fiction that I referenced yesterday where Vince gets shot... and clearly he has on a suit that looks just like the one he had on before. But, I'm still not convinced that he didn't just have another one like it. With Modesty Blaise, you can't tell how far along he is in it (even when you pause the DVD) right before he gets shot, so that proved inconclusive...

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