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Hanging By A Moment

May 28, 2002

"Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe"
-Thomas Jefferson, 1806

Late May is one of those fun times to be a sports fan. Anticipation for the fall football season is building; NFL fans jump on every scrap of news from mini-camps, while college loyalists follow reports of summer conditioning and injury situations as they impatiently eye their fall schedule. But with that anticipation is some payoff: the NBA and NHL both climb toward their respective finals, with climatic showdowns between teams who've been fighting since the past fall for that elusive championship.

This year has been particularly nice, with at least a 6 game series now locked for both conference finals in both sports. The Avalanche/Red Wings series contains at least a dozen future Hall of Famers alone (though I won't go so far as my friend Scott Massey, who contends there are more than twenty between the two teams -- I find that to be a bit much). What, 12 Hall of Famers isn't enough? Speaking of that series, Detroit faces elimination later this week in Denver. If the Wings win on the road, then Bobby Bills gets his wish: the elusive Game 7.

The Nets/Celtics game last night was great. It's funny, but I think in the past 10 years combined I haven't seen as many Nets games as I have in the past month. I commented to Scott that Keith Van Horn manages to get open for three's by threatening to impale his defender with the spikey front of his hair. He's like a rhino -- get out of the way, or get gored.

And despite the Celtics loss, that thought keeps creeping in the back of my head... Lakers/Celtics finals, Lakers/Celtics finals.... Somehow I think NBC could do worse in their final year of NBA broadcasting than to end up with that particular finals matchup.

I felt bad for my friend Neal Boling at work... Going on no sleep, he received word at 7:30 PM last night that he was needed to produce the 5 AM news this morning (as I had to do the 6 AM -- long story). Work couldn't locate him, but I have his cell number, so I called him... and caught him as he was about to leave a restaurant. I hated to be the bearer of bad news, but I relayed what I was told on the phone and asked him to call in to work. Despite the no-sleep thing, he came in and gutted out an impressive performance. It was like his own personal version of the show "24". I sure hope the powers that be at Channel 10 are taking notice of this (okay I know they are to some extent, as Neal was the April employee of the month). It can be a fascinating comparison to contrast a positive, team-first employee like Neal who's skilled and eager to do whatever they need to make things work with... well someone who's not. And yes, I am being vague on purpose. Point is, Neal works hard to make the morning show go well, and we're lucky to have him at Channel 10. He, Brian Kargus (the talented 6 AM producer) and I make a nice trio on the morning crew. Neal may be an "associate producer", but his performance level is clearly that where he should be given a shot at having his own show. Of course, that means losing him from the all-important AP spot, but I'm all about people being rewarded for their hard work.

Just had a round of massage therapy this morning. I don't know how it works... but as long as it keeps the headaches away, fine by me. Actually, I was afraid that I was booked for one yesterday. See, I had been scheduled for a Friday morning appointment, but I didn't want that since I was off Friday morning from work (ended up going out and enjoying my Thursday night). So I rescheduled for Monday... only to then subsequently realize that Monday was Memorial Day. Oops. I called the office but the phone rang and rang... It's a 15 minute drive, and I didn't want to make a wasted trip. Luckily I didn't go -- and sure enough, it turns out they were off yesterday. So all is well.

But anyway, Ray (my massage therapist) brought up an interesting point from the movie Pulp Fiction. He suggested that the scene where Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) kills Vince Vega (John Travolta) happened BEFORE the scene where Vince and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) pay the visit to the fellas who owe Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) money. Personally I don't buy it -- I think Vince just had two suits that looked similar (considering his first suit was bloodied by an accidental shooting later). And I'm not sure on how far along Vince was in the book Modesty Blaise by Peter O'Donnell. But it at least has me curious enough to want to pop in the DVD to find out for myself. Which I think I'm going to do right now...

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