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The Way Dreams Hang On And Then Fade Away

May 27, 2002

I dreamed last night that I had somehow overslept and missed work. In my dream I was in Nashville, but I woke up as the 5 AM news on Channel 10 began. Strange how dreams can be out there like that. Actually, I *did* sleep through the Lakers/Kings game, which ended on a last second, game-winning three pointer by Robert Horry. I told you that guy was clutch (and underrated). Instead of 3-1 going back to Sacramento, it's tied up at 2-all. Very nice. The funny thing is, I want the Kings to win, but I'd also like to see a Lakers/Celtics finals.

I've found some random stuff I want to try selling on eBay. A couple of Pez despensers I got out of boxes of cereal. Postcard stamps from England. A few baseball cards (also from cereal boxes). Not for the cash, but more just to see what people will buy. Funny what you can find when you finally clean up. Visiting my friend Gary's apartment in Orlando on Friday, I felt embarrassed at how clean his place was in comparison with my apartment (which is a bit of a mess right now). So I at least cleaned off the dining room table. That's a start, I suppose.

Just talked with my friend Ryan Priest up in Evansville. From what he's told me, President Jennings at UE has received a large stack of letters and e-mails imploring him to not let go of Len Clark as station manager at WUEV. Here's hoping that the President takes that correspondence to heart and decides to keep Len on at WUEV...

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