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International Exposure

May 26, 2002

"Don't let the ladies fool y'all now fellas
They be doing the same thing y'all be doing"
-Wyclef Jean "Perfect Gentleman"

I'd be remiss if I didn't say hello to all of the international visitors to my webpage. One of the remarkable things about the internet is the capacity to communicate, in one form or another, with people literally all over the globe. Just this month, I've had hits from Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, Australia, Lithuania, England, Spain, and The Netherlands. Probably others too that didn't come up with the country name on my webpage stat section.

Here in the U.S., hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day tomorrow. And hopefully people will at least take some time to actually reflect on those who gave their lives to protect our freedom. People like my great uncle Johnny Pickney, who in his day was an amazingly talented boxer, so good that decades later people still talked about his skills inside the ring. Johnny died in Europe in World War II. I think about him, and about both my grandfathers who bravely fought for our country in that same war (and who thankfully both survived). That's real courage, and real selflessness, to put your life on the line for your country and the things which we hold so dear. So to all veterans, and particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending the liberties all Americans enjoy today, I salute you.

One of the toughest days to produce a morning newscast isn't on a holiday itself, but rather on the day AFTER a holiday. See, I already know that when I go in to work tonight, there will be a whole slew of local Memorial Day-related events to preview and packages about Memorial Day festivies on CBS and CNN and what not. Mondays are usually the toughest on a normal week, and you might think that it'd be even tougher on a holiday, but really it's not. It's the day AFTER when the challenge comes. See, the day after a holiday, the holiday celebration is over. Finished. But you look at the offerings from the network and affiliates from the day before, and the vast majority involve the holiday. But there you are, with people past the holiday, and the challenge to fill with today-oriented news and feature stories not relating to the holiday is a tough one.

Some random consumer-related thoughts... Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries hit the market earlier this month, and wow, is it delicious. Deceptively so, I might add. It's not like Oh's, where you can eat it dry out of the box. Well, you can, but it doesn't taste all that good. But add milk and, voila, you have some delicious cereal. If you like strawberries, you should love it... Also, I tried the new Listerine mini-strips. It's a small thin green square that packs a strong mint punch. Not bad at all, plus it's portable... "It's Pasta Anytime" is a good choice when you want spaghetti, but only have a few minutes for prep time. I tried that for the first time when I visited Kara at Purdue a couple years back, and it's surprisingly delicious.

Okay, enough of my makeshift Consumer Reports piece. Hope to watch some of the Lakers/Kings game today. If Sacramento wins, that'd put the Lakers down 3-1, going back to Sacramento for Game 5. Somehow, I think Phil Jackson will have the Lakers ready to play...

I'm really digging the new Linkin Park song "Paper Cut". It's one of the coolest modern rock tracks of 2002, in my opinion...

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