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Lou Pickney's Online Commentary

Golden Tee 2003

May 24, 2002

"You may not ever get this chance again
That empty feeling's just about to end"
-Runt "We've Gotta Get You A Woman"

There's something to be said for taking it easy on a Friday. Ahh yes, very nice.

Ended up hanging with Desi last night over at Red Dog. Wasn't quite the adventure we had the last time there last November, but it was still fun. They had the new Golden Tee 2003 golf game, which we played. It's very good, with some nice graphics. Unfortunately my short game needs some work (I could outdrive Desi from the tee, but my 15 ft. putts ended up going well past the cup, or off to the left, etc.) I was hoping they'd bring back the "Hit Stuff!" screen with the big Sasquach looking beast getting hit in the junk with a golf ball (from Golden Tee '98 I believe -- one of the all-time hilarious screens in arcade history). Here's a question: what's up with video game makers putting next year on this year's game? By my calendar, 2003 is still seven months away. Actually I know the reason why, it makes it seem newer than it really is, plus a date allows the game maker to put out an annual title and instantly outdate all previous releases. Pretty slick, albeit perhaps a bit too tricky with the this year/next year thing. Of course, if I made a game it'd probably come out as "TV News Producer 2003", so who am I to criticize?

It'd be fun as hell to make a game about the TV news business. Start off as a production assistant and try to make your way to the top. Play assignment editor when breaking news comes in over the scanner and assign reporters, or be the news director/general manager and hire/fire people. This needs to happen. Microprose, are you listening?

For the second straight time, the trash service people failed to pick up my recycling last night. I've lived here at Camden Ybor now for 13 months, and the "valet trash service" that we're required to use has never done their job right. Recycling ignored, or trash just not picked up, or whatever. Not an isolated case here or there, but regularly (and they make their rounds three times a week, so the blunders add up after awhile). Could you imagine if you or I did our jobs that poorly? I just talked with Natalie in the main Camden Ybor office, and she said the trash people's record from Tuesday (when they missed the recycling the first time) only showed me with one bag of trash. Is it that hard to count to two?!?!?! C'mon. I wish I could opt out and just have a dumpster where I could take my trash; that'd make things much easier.

Though, really, if the most I have to complain about is my recycling not being picked up by the valet trash service, I'm doing alright. That sounds so pretentious reading that... "valet trash service". Like I'm a damn yuppie or something. "Darling, the valet waste employee failed to dispose of the empty bottle of Dom Perignan you placed in the recepticle." Please.

It took a few hours of work, but I now have these convienant "previous/next" buttons on all my commentary pages. This will allow people to read through in sequential order, should they be so inclined, without having to go back to the full archive page.

Tonight looks like Orlando is a lock. Gary and I will go chase women at Icon (which he tells me is a cool bar), plus I'll get to chill some with Adam and Amanda. I was hoping to also see Bill Cunningham, who's an old friend from high school who now lives in Orlando. Unfortunately, he's going down to south Florida with his girlfriend to hit Key West. But hopefully I'll get to kick it with him one of these days. Orlando is only like an hour/hour and a half away, so there's no reason not to make it up there again sometime soon.

Two weeks from right now, I'll be on a plane to San Diego. Not that I'm excited or anything...

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